Metro New York Adventist Forum
meeting at St Mary's Episcopal Church
521 W. 126th St, Manhattan

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4/18/2020, 2:00 St Mary's
CANCELLED Dr. Fumihiko Kobayashi
Afternoon Topic: Lion Symbols in Biblical and Other Holy Storytelling Worlds
Bio: Fumihiko Kobayashi has a PhD in comparative folklore from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He is currently an independent scholar working on comparative folklore and culture studies. His book Japanese Animal-Wife Tales: Narrating Gender Reality in Japanese Folktale Tradition (New York: Peter Lang, 2015) scrutinizes the gender-specific behaviors of both the animal woman and her human husband in terms of Japanese premodern sociocultural and historical contexts. His approach to analyzing folkloristic and sociocultural texts highlights how people tend/ed to verbalize, visualize, and symbolize their cosmology as a form of folklore by using their socio-culturally limited knowledge. His latest article is “Playing with Nezumi Rats Toys, Dreaming of Unattainable Utopia: Unique Portrayals of Nezumi in Japanese Folk Tradition” (2019).
Notes: The April meeting has been cancelled due to health concerns with Covid-19. Watch for announcements if we are able to reschedule at a later time.

Fall 2019 News
2019/2020 News
Dear Forum Community,

We are regret to announce that Steve Siciliano's father passed away in late November.  Our hearts are with Steve and all his family in this sad time.

We remind you that this year we will be meeting only once a month, usually the second Saturday.  Most services will be at our home at St Mary's Episcopal Church but occasionally meet in  different locations to share a speaker so watch the schedule for the location each month.  We will no longer have a morning service.  Each meeting will begin with a lunch at 2:00 PM to be followed by the lecture and discussion at 3:00.  

Welcome to the Home of the Forum

The Metro New York Adventist Forum is a community worshiping together twice a month on Saturdays in St Mary's Church Manhattan. While many member are Seventh-day Adventists (SDA), anyone is welcome to worship with us.  St Mary's is our primary home, but sometimes we share a speaker with other churches often meeting in their sancuaries (as noted in our schedule listing).

Our services include music, liturgy, prayer and either a speaker or a discussion. The Forum is a chapter of the Association of Adventist Forums, but unlike most chapters, our meetings are worship services and meet at the traditional worship time of SDA churches. We have not sought recognition as an official church by the local SDA conference, but do serve as a worship home for many area students and others who find our format filling a gap not satisfied by other area churches.

Our members hold views ranging from conservative to liberal and our discussions encourage free explorations of varying viewpoints and avoid condemning any honestly held belief.

If you live near NYC consider joining our community or add your name to our mailing list. If you visit the NYC area, consider worshiping with us.

Consider helping us with our mission to the students of the NYC area by becoming a contributing member.

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